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“Congratulations on your engagement! You’ve come to the right place for capturing all the love and joy of your wedding day. At Derrek Matichak Videography, we believe that every wedding is a unique love story, just like a fairy tale come to life! And we’re here to make sure your story is told in the most beautiful way possible. Our dedicated team, led by the talented Derrek, will be by your side from start to finish, capturing every special moment, from your walk down the aisle to the last dance of the night. With an artistic documentary style, we’ll preserve the happiness and ambiance of your day in a way that truly reflects the magic of your special day. And with customized packages to fit your dream wedding, we’ll work with you every step of the way to create a lasting memory that you and your loved ones will treasure forever. So sit back, relax, and let us take care of capturing all the love, laughter, and joy of your wedding day!”

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Derrek is the best videographer! He is incredibly responsive and professional and excellent at his craft! We get compliments from guests all the time about how wonderful and involved our Videographer was. He was very confident and reassuring. Long story short, Derrek saved the day with our wedding video and he was so kind and accommodating through the whole process! Overall great to work with. We are SO thankful he was apart of our big day!

Shannon and Nick

Derrek made this whole videography planning so detailed but with such ease. The amount of compliments we got from our friends and family saying how good Derreck and his team were was such a good feeling! May I add Derrek is AMAZING at multitasking! He got on the dance floor himself dancing and recording all at the same time! He was such a blast! 12/10 fully recommend Derrek as your videographer!

Tiffany and Wes

Derrek, hands down is the best videographer out there. We were beyond satisfied from start to finish. My husband and I were so happy with Derrek before we even received our video back. Not only were we pleased but the comments from guest on how attentive and how much fun he is and how he interacted, was great to hear. Now that I have received our video back. I can't appreciate Derrek enough. The time, money and effort that goes into a wedding is impeccable, and the night flies by. I watched my video last night, and we truly were able to relive our wedding day. He captured every moment. Us preparing, our bridal parties, our families, friends, and the way he fastens us together, even though we were not, takes true talent. He recorded how beautiful our ceremony was. And when it came to the reception we were blown away. I can't thank Derrek enough, we were able to reminisce how much fun the night was, for us and our guest. Needless to say, if you book Derrek as your videographer I can promise he will not disappoint. He has expertise in what he does. With all the time and effort, he put into our video, I feel he was cheated, and he deserves a lot more money. No doubt, Derrek Matichak Videography is a necessity on your wedding day. And we are forever grateful for Derrek and how much he treasured our day!

Catherine and Matt

Derrek was extremely punctual, easy to work with and a great communicator along the entire process. He was hardly noticed during the wedding while capturing all moments (start of the day to the last song) but also made getting ready fun with him there as well. The overall video was AMAZING. The quality, amount of content and personalization is unmatched to any other vendors I have seen or looked into. The cases on the videos are beautiful & covered with wedding photos. Also, his use of drones to get close and far views was a highlight by far. I HIGHLY recommend him. Vendors are stressful to pick but Derrek made everything easy. My husband even said too bad we only do this once cause I would hire him again! 🙂

Julia and Anthony

From the get go Derrek made us feel comfortable. We were not sure if we even wanted a video but after seeing his work we were hooked! We were recommended Derrek through our venue and I could not be more impressed with our final product! Derrek would answer my emails always within hours and was always so excited to work with us and to answer all of my crazy questions. His work ethic is out of this world and he wants you to have the best product possible. The best part was his prices were so reasonable that I got 2 videographers instead of 1! Our guests commented a lot on how every time they turned around there was a camera in their face which is awesome to hear because that means he got lots of footage. If you’re not certain about a video, it’s the best decision that we made! We got a sneak peak that was 6 minutes long and many of our family thought that was the whole video because it was that good! Our video is amazing with 4 hours of footage and then some. The quality is amazing and I would 100% recommend his services!

Britney and Wesley

Derrek was recommended to us by our venue and a few other’s. He was awesome to work with, having a fun energy to keep our spirits up during the chaotic, special day. He captured every second of our beautiful wedding. He is very professional and responds in a timely manner throughout the process leading to the day of the event. I would definitely recommend him to anyone for any event!

Jazmine and Edgar

One of the compliments that we heard the most about our wedding was about our videographer, Derrek! Everyone LOVED how enthusiastic he was when filming on the dance floor, and he made everyone feel so comfortable having fun in front of the camera. He was with us the entire day, from start to finish, so he was able to get all the best moments captured on film. He brings multiple cameras, gets great drone footage of the venues, and also brings an assistant in order to get all the best angles. We truly enjoyed watching back our day because of the amazing camera work and editing skills! On top of him doing a great job filming and editing, he is also very responsive via email and always made sure we were getting our questions answered. 10/10 recommend using Derrek as your videographer!

Crystal and Mike

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Our FAA licensed operators have the necessary skills to create visually stunning aerial imagery for your wedding. Using aerial videography, we can produce stunning footage of your venue and dĂ©cor and add to the cinematic feel of your wedding day. Drones make it possible for us to capture these unique shots in a way that wouldn’t otherwise be possible (without a helicopter).

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At Derrek Matichak Videography, I understand the importance of capturing every moment of your wedding day. That’s why we offer Full Day Coverage packages that provide comprehensive coverage of your special day from beginning to end. Whether you have questions about videography or concerns about staying within your budget, we’re here to help. Contact us to discuss your wedding and find the perfect package for you, starting at $1,395 and ranging up to $3,695.

Discover the thrill of our exceptional services and create the wedding of your dreams. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can help bring your vision to life.

We encourage you to visit our office and witness a glimpse of our expertise and the stunning final product we deliver. Experience firsthand how your dream wedding will come to life on the big screen. Schedule an appointment today, and we will gladly showcase our work and have a delightful conversation with you. Remember, what you see online is just a fraction of the magnificence that awaits you in your wedding video.